AVSL Website Committee

Current Members

Michelle Schonken – Editor/Contributor

Scott Johnson – Editor/Contributor/Minutes

Leslie Holland – Committee Chair 

Heather Edmonds – Webmaster

Caroline Allen – Editor/contributor

Brie McConnell – Editor/contributor

Deborah Goss – Editor/contributor

Webpage responsibilities:

Scott – Home page, Spanish-Language resources (submitted by Wilma Marrero Ortíz), Apps List, Members’ Courses, Posters, Presentations, & Publications

Heather – Guides for Vision Science Librarians (Guidelines, Standards, Core Competencies, Opening Day List), graphics, news items

Michelle – AVSL Vetted Journals List page

Leslie –

Caroline – Eye Resources on the Internet (A-Z List)

Brie – 

Deborah – 

Unclaimed pages

  • AVSL Publications
  • Member Resources
  • Open Access Books & Journals in Ophthalmology & Optometry
  • Open Access Journals, Magazines and Newsletters
  • State Optometry Rules and Laws Websites
  • Eye and Vision Statistics
  • MEDLINE-Indexed Journals which Publish Vision-Related Case Reports
  • Membership