• Longtime members Donnajean (D.J.) Matthews and Nancy Henderson retire

    Donnajean (D.J.) Matthews MLIS, CHP, Director of Library Services at Marshall B. Ketchum University in Fullerton, CA, will retire on August 1.  An active member for many years, D.J. was AVSL Chair from 2011-2014.  Her leadership, guidance, and kindness will be greatly missed.  Congratulations, D.J.!


    Nancy Henderson, formerly Assistant Professor and Health Science Librarian and currently Faculty Emeritus at Pacific University in Oregon, retired on June 30.  Also a longtime active member of AVSL, Nancy presented at every AVSL meeting she attended  Her valuable contributions to the group and collegiality will also be greatly missed.  Congratulations, Nancy!


    The AVSL membership would like to thank both Nancy and D.J. for their years of dedication and service to AVSL.  Wishing you both happiness and health in your retirement!

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