AVSL Leadership Organization

CO-CHAIRS: The two Co-Chairs of the ASCO Vision Science SIG will each serve a staggered, two year term and are eligible for re-election once. The two positions will be staggered so there is ideally only one position open at a time.

MEMBERSHIP CHAIR: The Membership Chair of the ASCO Vision Science SIG will serve a 2 year term. The Membership Chair maintains the membership list. Welcome notices are emailed out by members of the Membership Committee, of which the Membership Chair is chairperson.

SECRETARY: The Secretary will serve a 2 year term and in the event that she or he cannot attend a meeting, the Secretary will find a replacement to take meeting minutes in his or her absence. The incoming Secretary will begin serving her two-year term at the fall 2016 meeting in Anaheim.

Officers for 2019:

Dede Rios (UIW), Co-Chair (2nd year of second term)

Rudy Barreras (WUHS), Co-Chair (1st year of 1st term)

Louise Collins (MEEI), Secretary (term ends December 2020)

Darlene Ward (ICO), Membership Chair (term ends December 2020)