Using the union list of vision related serials for interlibrary loan

  1. Verify that the journal is a vision-related journal.

  2. Check to see which library owns that title, using either the print or electronic version the Union List of Vision Related Serials.Here is a sample page from the Union List for the title listed in step 1 (Optometry & Vision Science)
  3. To determine which owning library is closest to you, check the abbreviations on the Alphabetical List of Participating Libraries in the Union List.  
  4. Then go to the list of participating libraries in the Union List, to determine to whom to address your request. Send your request to ONLY ONE of the holding libraries. 
  5. Send your request ONLY to the library holds this title, not to the entire listserv. Send your request as follows. 
  6. If the article you are requesting is not in a vision journal, but the topic is related to the eye or vision, it is permissible to send a message to the entire listserv.
  7. Non-vision related articles should NOT be requested through the listserv; they must be located using other sources.