About the Whitelist of Vision Science Journals

The journals included in this list have been reviewed by vision science librarians who are members of the association (AVSL) using criteria that have been informed by several resources:

Also see the AVSL Guide to Predatory Publishing.

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Journal Review Process

All journals in this list meet the following Minimum Criteria:

  • Considered a journal publication (ie. Periodical publication schedule, varying authorship, collection of articles)
  • Includes an ISSN
  • Covers the appropriate scope (vision science, optometry, ophthalmology)
  • Has published for 2+ years

The journals that pass the minimum criteria are then reviewed using the following classes of criteria:

  • Policy Statements
  • Publication Information
  • Editorial Information
  • Content Quality

Journals are also flagged during the review if any predatory type practices are identified. Although this does not immediately exclude them from the list, these journals are further scrutinized.