Create voting process

Develop a voting process that involves more members than those who are able to attend in-person meetings.
In progress
Due Date 1
Jun 30, 2022
Due Date 2
Sep 30, 2022
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Create an online AVSL-wide calendar that is populated with not only forthcoming events, project due dates, etc. but also a voting schedule that includes nomination and voting deadlines. This calendar should be maintained by the AVSL co-chairs, and it will be included as part of the co-chairs’ roles and responsibilities as detailed in the new position descriptions (see Document leadership roles). The calendar should be completed (to the extent future events/dates are known) and shared via the AVSL website no later than June 30, 2022. It will be updated consistently by the co-chairs thereafter.
Create a Google form, shared on both the members-only AVSL website as well as via the listserv, that allows ASCO Vision Science Librarians SIG members to vote for leadership positions remotely. Nomination and voting deadlines should be announced via the AVSL listserv three times prior to the deadline: one month in advance, two weeks in advance, and the day before. The chair who is rotating out of the position will send out the Google form and tally votes in order to ensure a free and fair voting process. The template form should be created no later than September 30, 2022, in advance of the election that is slated to take place in November 2022.