Guides for Vision Science Librarians

Guidelines for Vision Science Libraries

Last updated in 2011, the Guidelines provide information of a quantitative nature, including monograph and serial prices and vision library statistics.  They are intended to be used in conjunction with the Standards in order to obtain a full range of qualitative and quantitative information about the collections and services of academic vision libraries.

Standards for Vision Science Libraries

The Standards, revised in 2014, aspire to provide benchmarks to address the needs for the services and resources of modern vision science libraries (academic, medical or hospital, pharmaceutical, and so on) which share a core mission, are varied by type, and are located throughout the world.  In 2016, AVSL was awarded the Medical Library Association’s Louise Darling Medal for Distinguished Achievement in Collection Development in the Health Sciences for the 2014 revision of the Standards.

Opening Day List – Current

The Opening Day List, revised in fall 2016, is a compilation of recommended books and journals for a vision science collection. The purpose of this list is to identify titles which should constitute a basic or “opening day” collection for a vision science library in a college, hospital department, medical center, corporate, or association setting.

Opening Day List – Archive (protected)
Vision Librarian Core Competencies

Last updated in 2011, the Vision Librarian Core Competencies are intended to aid new vision librarians in attaining and demonstrating a basic level of competency of librarianship related to eye and vision care.  They will also assure that new vision librarians are integrated into the Association of Vision Science Librarians, to receive help and mentorship in achieving a high level of proficiency in providing library services to users.