Membership Rules

The Association of Vision Science Librarians (AVSL) is an international organization composed of professional librarians, or persons acting in that capacity, whose collections and services include vision-related materials.  All members must either currently work in a vision library or be retired as a member of AVSL.

Current members should:

  • be willing to participate and contribute to AVSL, either as an officer or in support of one of the many AVSL projects
  • institutions with more than one AVSL member should strive to have at least one active member in AVSL
  • attend AVSL meetings when possible
  • review the AVSL Listserv Policy

For more information on resources sharing, please review our Interlibrary Loan Policy.

Corporations or Businesses

Librarians at corporate libraries or information centers that support research in eye and/or vision care may become members of AVSL.

Those who seek a profit from AVSL membership will not be accepted as members.

Student Membership

Students will be awarded temporary membership if:

  • they submit a copy of their library school student ID, and
  • they renew membership yearly by re-submitting their school student ID

Student members may participate in resource sharing only if they are currently working in a vision library. For more information see our webpage on Interlibrary Loans through AVSL which includes eligibility criteria.





Last Updated:  2/7/2014